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Everyone has a story to tell. Write your story in a letter to The QuitLink, to yourself, or to a friend or family member. Tell us why you started using tobacco, why you want to quit, what struggles you have been through, and what successes you have had. Speak from your heart and it will inspire others to make a positive change in their lives too. Submit a Story.

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Reading the stories of others just like you may inspire you to quit, help someone else quit, or at the very least, encourage you to write your own letter! Read Stories.

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If you are a Maine resident and would like to have your story featured in a QuitLink TV message, let us know!

The spots are unscripted, so you will be free to discuss any thought or story about quitting.

We will take great care to make the process as comfortable as possible for you. We expect that the entire shoot would require about a half day and will try as much as possible to accommodate your schedule.

We sincerely appreciate your help. Our hope is that these true stories will encourage others to quit smoking. Your participation can make this possible. Fill out form.